Rigouard & Fils SAS

865, avenue de Viton, 84400 Apt

since 1880

Masonry, Public Works, Swimming Pools

tel: +334.


Tradition, change, reliability, security and serious

The Rigouard company, passed on from generation to generation since 1880, strives to combine ancient techniques to modern to best meet the needs of its customers and thus guarantee an ideal use of his achievements.

Serving individuals and local communities, it remains among the most serious and most competent of the Luberon to meet the simplest projects, the most important but also the more daring!


The Rigouard company has built a strong regional identity, bolstering the housing environment in which it falls, thus restoring our heritage all the attention it deserves!

Our staff has the skills, culture and technical capabilities for:
- Revitalizing the homes of yesteryear preserving authenticity and charm.
- Achieve current standards for new construction of all kinds.
- Achieve industrial and agricultural buildings.
- Work on the layout of your business,

  1. -Carry out projects that require the intervention of skilled masons.

Working with architects and craftsmen of all trades SAS RIGOUARD AND SON can handle all your project or put you in touch with the best regional companies.

Swimming pools and waterlight works

With its 130 years of experience, our company has evolved and adapted over the years, ways of yesterday and today and thus makes works that are part of the future our beloved Provence.

With over 150 realizations we specialize in the construction of reinforced concrete pool of all sizes and shapes.

We can arrange your bathing area in various ways.

Also: recovery solutions rainwater, tanks, cisterns, retention ponds and any works or not sealed concrete.

Important: All reinforced concrete structures have a ten-year warranty.


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